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Friday, 4 October 2019

Introduction to Front-End web development |

Ever asked or searched on Google, How to become a Frontend web developer?
Here is the answer to your questions regarding front-end web developer,
We will discuss below who are Frontend web developers, what coding languages need to learn to become a Front-end web developer. Which software and technologies they use to code the front side of the website.

Who are Front End, web developers?
Frontend web developers are those who design the visual structure and behavior of the website or front side of the website.

Front end web developers use three coding languages to develop a front side of the website or to code a website, which is designed by web designers.

  • Html
  • CSS
  • JavaScript


HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) are the two most basic building blocks to code a website. Without these two coding languages you can't create a website design,
Html provides the structure of the document and holds the content of the document, but Html doesn't define the visual aspect CSS does.

Before you make a career path in web development, you will have to master these two coding languages. You will get A to Z knowledge about these two coding languages on our website for free.


Is JavaScript derived from Java? 
No, Java is an OOP(Object-oriented Programming) programming language where JavaScript is an OOP(Object-oriented Programming) scripting language.

JavaScript provides dynamic behavior to the website. It can change the content of Html and the styles of CSS. By a combination of Html, CSS, and JavaScript, We can create a lot of web applications. This language uses in game development and updating maps and to interact with the website.

In Short, JavaScript also called js.


It is a JavaScript library. This library has collections of plugins, Which makes developing with JavaScript easier. We use jQuery to create Countdown timers, Resizing grid layouts in bootstrap. 

Those were the technologies that are commonly used by a Front-end web developer, but if you want to make a career path in this field need other skills like,

  • Learning JavaScript Frameworks
  • Working on mobile-ready and responsive design
  • Working with CSS preprocessors
  • Cross-browser development. 

I think I have given you enough introduction about Front-end web development. So if you want to learn Front-end web development check out our website Learn section.

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