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Sunday, 6 October 2019

Html Introduction For Beginners |

What is Html?

Hyper Text Markup Language, Html is a unique language that the web browser understands. It contains a bunch of document structure. The best part of Html is we can connect one document to another.

What are Markups?

 A code which defines :
  • Structure of the document.
  • And how to display a document.

Let's Learn, What are Html tags?

Html tag example by Mujucoder

The above figure represents the <title>This is an Output</title> tag of Html, Whatever we write inside the tags that outputs.

In Html, we have an Opening tag and Closing tag.

Similarly <p> tag is for paragraph, Paragraph is always defined in new by default. Later we will study more HTML tags as we start to code once.

The below section of this introduction will boost your knowledge of Html.

Web Standards:-

Before 1997 there were no standards that the vendors of web browsers would tolerate. Because of that, they invented their tag.

The same tag looked and worked differently on web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Netscape. And It was very hard for developers and had to use tricks to make their page look at least a bit similar on different browsers.

By chance, around 1997 Html 4.0 standard was published by W3C (World Wide Consortium). Most of the vendors started paying attention and changed their browsers because they respected that standard. And around in the year 2000, W3C came up with a new standard called XHtml 1.0, but the browser vendors disagreed with this standard because this process was way too slow.

In 2004, a group called WHATWG(Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group). Now WHATWG stands behind HTML5 standard and pushes further updates to it in a quicker way.

In 2008 W3C and WHATWG started to work on HTML5 , And in 2011 the outcome came. The two groups took their responsibilities on this standard, And that they divided their work so, W3C is maintaining the standard, While WHATWG is working on still evolving HTML and once in a while new features of standard made available for the world. 

All updates implements on every browser and get updated automatically on user's computers. Because of web standards, the development of cross-browser websites got easy.

Some useful text-editors required to write and practice Html code:

  1. Atom.
  2. Brackets.
  3. Notepad++.
  4. Visual Code.
  5. Editplus.
  6. Sublime.


We got enough knowledge to move forward in the Html course. In the next tutorial, we will learn the anatomy of the Html tag. And you will learn Html from scratch. I will promise to make you master in Html because it is the foundation of web development. If you got a master's in Html, then you are gaining a structured knowledge in web development. This was introduction of Html for beginners.

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